Do you ever feel like you’re meant to do more?

You know there’s more to life, but you just don’t know how to uncover it?

A USA Today poll found that if people could ask God just one question, most would want to know, “What’s my purpose in life?”

This simple little question can create a lot of stress, heartache and confusion. We don’t want to make the wrong choice, and we definitely don’t want to miss our calling.

We want to find and fulfill our purpose. To live at a level 10. In our peak state.

Here’s where to start.

Your purpose isn’t something you can simply bag up and carry away. It isn’t served to you on a platter.
You’ve got to step up to the call, and seek it out.

Start by looking at the timeline of your life and ask yourself:

  • When were you most alive?
  • At what point did you feel the most fulfilled?
  • What gave you the most energy and excitement?
  • What were your doing when you were the most authentic?
  • When were you the most present in the moment so that
    time was suspended?

When you take a look at those moments, you will find that every one of them has something in common.

You’ll see that when you’re at your peak state, you’re 100% alive.
Whether you got an award, or you finished a long project – there’s a theme and a thread.
Each time, you were fully engaged. Fully present.

Find out what it is you were doing that you love, and then do a lot more of it. Learn to recreate those moments.
Add more of them back into your life.

Maybe looking back on your timeline you’ll discover the journey isn’t only about becoming more.
Maybe it’s about un-becoming things that really aren’t you to create the space you need to be the person you were designed to be.

When looking back, ask yourself:

  • What do you need to leave behind?
  • Do you see fear, negative thoughts, and doubts?
  • Are you trying to be somebody you’re not?

Spend some time evaluating what needs to be pruned, and create the space for what you need more of.

Go on a discovery journey. Keep looking. Like any great relationship, it keeps getting better and better. Don’t settle for less when your heart is crying out for more. Your heart knows what you want to become.

Start paying attention to life.
Find the ideal you in the ideal life. Learn how to take what you’re gifted to do, and engage a process that gets you to where you want to go.

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