Thanksgiving calls us to acknowledge our blessings and to share gratitude.

Here are three ways to use this Thanksgiving season as inspiration to build a better brand for your business, or a personal brand for yourself.

1. Appreciation Gifts

Concept: We’re so full of gratitude for the year we’ve had, we’re offering you some amazing specials in return.

Offer something to your audience that is valuable and that they will quickly see the benefits. You might create a special offering for them (with a discounted price), put together a value package, or give them something for free. Use this opportunity to show real gratitude!

2. Support a Cause

Concept: Our brand is all about community and giving back, so this year we’re supporting Side-by-Side in Seattle (name your non-profit or cause) to show appreciation for all the good things that have come our way.

People align with you when you believe what they believe. Show them you’re focused on more than the bottom line, by making a real difference in your community. Choose a non-profit or cause that matches your brand’s values and mission, and give your time, money and/or expertise. Stand out by being a champion for your cause!

3. Personal Thank-you’s

Concept: You probably receive too much email, feel like social media is consuming you, and wish you could take a break from your smartphone or computer. We wanted to take a moment to call you, in person, to tell you we appreciate YOU.

People feel frenzied trying to keep up in the digital world. A handwritten thank-you card can go a long way, but a phone call or connecting in the real world goes even further. Grab their attention by picking up the phone to simply tell them, “We value you.” Better yet, invite them out for a quick cup of coffee to share a few stories and build relationship the old fashioned way . . . face-to-face!

Offering genuine thanks, appreciation and gratitude is the true essence of this season.
These are meaningful gifts you can give to others that will reap both of you many benefits for years to come, and also build your brand.
How will you choose one of these ideas to show gratitude and build your brand this season?
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