You’ve got the skills mastered.
You’re ready to change the world with your brilliance.
You’ve always wanted to start your own business.
You’ve put the work in, you’ve ironed out the glitches, and you’re confident now is the time.

It’s now or never.
The dream is ready to come to life and launch.

It’s a noisy world. You try to get your message out, but your voice is nothing above a whisper. No matter how loud you shout, you can’t cut through the clutter. Without credibility, nobody can see you or hear you. 

How do you go from being just any small business owner to gain the expert status that attracts a steady flow of clients?
Or at least the perceived expert status.

Here’s the shortcut that can get you there.  

Imagine this.
You haven’t felt well for months. Loss of energy, no appetite and you can’t think clearly. Some tests have just revealed that you need heart surgery immediately.
Do you go to a general practitioner, or do you choose a heart surgeon?

The African Safari has been on your mind. Exploring in areas alongside unforgettable wild animals. Getting up close to the buffalo, lions and leopards would be a once-in-a-lifetime experience. Dangerous, perhaps. Exhilarating, most definitely. Would you plan your adventure through a general travel agency, or would you go to an African safari guide?

You’ve just moved to San Francisco and need a real estate agent to help you find a house. Sausalito has always held your heart. Do you pick any agent, or do you choose Sausalito’s Premiere Real Estate Agent? 

Even if you guessed, in each instance you will choose the expert status over the generalist. 

You can gain the shortcut to your expert status by niching – claiming a tiny portion of the market. 

It might look like this.
Instead of copywriter, call yourself an email copywriter. Take it a step deeper by calling yourself a health and fitness email copywriter.

Do you see the difference a niche makes? 

Your simple takeaway:
Find your niche to claim your expert status.

How can you niche to become known an expert?
If you’re having trouble with your niche, hop on over to my Facebook page and let’s talk about it.

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