Everyday I meet people that are looking for their passion. They feel lost, confused, and some almost hopeless.

There are quick fixes everywhere.

Headlines scream out to you with promises of overnight transformations, instant life changes from the experts, and no fuss solutions.

It makes people wonder why they can’t find the magic?

I’m going to debunk the myths about living your calling right here:
It takes work.

Here’s the 3 word equation that will change your life.

Passion + work = purpose.

Most people skip over the most important word.
It takes hard work to get results.

If you’re not putting in the work, you’re simply chasing a fantasy.
Most people dislike hard work and think that if they find their passion they can skip the work.

They get consumed with the vision that chasing their passion will pay off with huge fame and fortune.
It rarely happens that way.
The only way your passion comes to life is by
pairing productive work with it.

I’m not telling you to stop dreaming and seeking your passion. That’s what keeps you going.
But you need to add work into your dream to make it happen.

You are a unique workmanship designed with a purpose. But nobody said it would come easy.
If it were, everybody would be blissfully successful.

Are you willing to roll up your sleeves and do the work to make it happen?

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