One word.
It can define your business. It can change the perception your customers have.
Propel your brand with just one word.

Let’s start with the fact that no matter what type of business you are,
you are a brand.

Your brand is held in the hearts and minds of those around you.
It is the thoughts, feelings and emotions that people have when they hear your name.

You can guide what they think of you by choosing one word that describes your business. Once you know that word, you can become exceptional in a memorable way.

What is the one word that makes you stand out? 

Let’s look at a how a few strong brands distill their promise into one word.

  • Google’s one word is “search.” Internet search is the core of what they do. 
  • Volvo uses the word “safety.” When you think of Volvo, safety comes to mind. 
  • Starbucks built their mega brand around “experience.” 
  • Nike is “inspirational.”
  • Disney stands for “magic.”

A few smaller local brands are capturing hearts with their one word.

  • Petunia’s Pies and Pastries has taken off with “gluten-free.”
  • Un-Cruise Adventures is using the prefix “un” to differentiate. Their tagline is “Unrushed, Uncrowded. Unbelievable”
  • Emerald City Athletics has leaped ahead of the competition with “results.” They’re known for getting you results, or your money back.

The trouble with many small business owners is that they think they need to be all things to all people.
Instead of choosing one word, they have pages and pages describing everything they do. In hopes of getting more business, they use way too many words. But they muddle their brand with so much, they simply blend is as blah and boring. Nothing stands out.

How do you choose your one word?

For a small business, a good starting point is to pick a top selling service or product.
Make a list of about 10 words that describe it.
Put yourself in the shoes of your customer, and think of the words that will resonate with them.

Next, cross out 5 words so you have 5 left. Continue to cross out your words till you have your one word.

This word becomes the core of what you are offering your customers.
It’s the dna of your product, and makes it memorable to them.

Download my free printable worksheet below to define your one  word that will make you exceptional.

How do you use this word to super charge your brand? 

Whenever you talk about this product, ask yourself what makes it “magical,” or “inspirational”? Weave that into all of your social media and communications to reinforce what makes you exceptional. Everything you do should point to that one word. Using this one word will expand the opportunities to tell your story. You will become so memorable that your advocates will be excited to share the story for you.

Ready to discover your one word?

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