If you’re in a selling business, it’s getting harder
and harder to make your marketing message stand out
to attract motivated leads and increase sales.

People feel bombarded with all the marketing messages
and clutter being pushed on them. So they deal with it the
best way then can. By blocking it out.

There is a way to attract and connect with your clients.
Instead of fighting clutter with more clutter, give people
something they want. Something that’s interest and compelling.
In a way that they hear your every word and eagerly wait for more.

How do you know what that is? 

It starts with knowing what you’re up against. You need do some research on everyone who is competing for the same clients that you are. 

Once you get a clear understanding of the competition and know the messages that are already bombarding them, you will begin to uncover one clear fact: all the messages sound the same. Everybody makes the same promises which simply blend in with each other. Nobody stands out as unique. 

That’s because most new business owners think they’re supposed to do things the way everybody else does. So instead of trying to be unique, they copy what is already being done. If you want to attract leads and clients, this is definitely the wrong approach to take. 

Follow these 3 steps to make your marketing message stand out and win the attention you deserve: 

  1. Do an online search for your competition. Google the main keywords that your clients would use when they’re looking for you, and see what pops up. Hop on over the the websites of those businesses, and write down each feature, benefit, and promise that they make. 
  2. Take a piece of paper and draw a line down the middle. On the left hand column, title it “SAME” and on the right hand side title the column “DIFFERENT”
  3. As you’re probing each site, fill out everything you discover on your SAME and DIFFERENT sheet in the matching column. 

Once you’re finished, you have the pieces to begin creating a unique marketing message that stands out to your audience. Brainstorm on these gold nuggets you have discovered, and prioritize them in order of importance to your clients and how much they make you different from everyone else that seemingly does what you do. 

Spend time each day on this, learning everything you can about your competition and business, and your compelling story and message will come to life. 

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