I remember a Christmas in 1991.

I had two babies under 3, with the littlest one fighting for her life. Days and weeks were spent in Children’s Hospital, and I remember waking up Christmas morning seeking hope and wondering if she would live through the day. 

While the Christmas lights were sparkling, and the rest of city was celebrating with laughter and joy, my world felt empty and dark. But in that darkness, there were people I didn’t even know that stepped up to be with me, to help me through, to share encouragement and the hope I so desperately needed. My baby pulled through, and with tears of gratitude I knew that someday I would do the same for someone else. 

I remember a Christmas many years later…

When I had the opportunity to come along side of other families who had a seriously ill child with cancer, with many fighting for their lives too. 

Three years ago, I scaled my business back so I could support a small non-profit 20 hours a week to share laughter, rest and togetherness with families that had a child fighting cancer. What a tremendous privilege it is to be able to share a tangible, here-and-now kind of hope, in what might be their darkest day. 

Seasons of life take many twists and turns, but you are never alone. And you never know what small gesture might make a big impact on someone else’s life. 

No matter where you find yourself this Christmas season, I know one thing for sure. There will be a day… in just the right place, at just the right time… that your good news will come. 

Wishing you hope and encouragement this Christmas season. 


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