You’ve heard it before. To be successful, you need a list.

If you want to market directly to your ideal clients, you
you need to build a list. Without a list, you are simply
“hoping” that someone finds you and buys from you.

Many people have a sign-up list, but they don’t have
an irresistible free offer to get people to sign up,
before they leave your page and are lost forever.

At the end of this post, I made a free opt-in worksheet
for you that you can download to help make your
your irresistible free offer. So keep on reading . . .

There are two key ingredients to your business success:

  1. A product or service that people want
  2. A big client base that you can build relationship
    with and market to everyday

Many people have gotten so wrapped up into social
media that they’ve forgotten about their most important
asset. A list of contacts that you can market to through

The best time to build your list was yesterday. But the next best time is right now.

Start here by following these 5 steps to make your irresistible offer:

 Step 1. Know who your audience is so you know their problem.
Without knowing who they are, you don’t know what they struggle with.
Once you know who they are, you can learn what their biggest problem is
and offer a solution.

Step 2. Create something they can’t refuse. Offer them something
that is so valuable and beneficial, they can’t believe it’s free.
They will be so excited to get it that they will eagerly give you their
contact information in exchange.

It could be a free report, a video, an audio, an e-book, or some other
instant gratification item. But no matter what it is, make sure it gives
them instant benefit.

Step 3. Give them just a nugget of valuable information.
Don’t make it too technical. Keep it short and easy. It shouldn’t
create a lot of questions. If they get confused initially, you’re
going to have a hard time selling to them later.

Think of it like a hors d’oeuvre. You’re just giving them a taste.
it so delicious that you leave them practically begging for the whole
meal and are willing to pay for it. Leave them wanting more.

Step 4. Make sure they can do it quickly and get results now.
Don’t make your opt-in so long that they have to schedule time to do it.
People are interested in something that they can do “now.” Make it
simple enough they can do it now, and that they will see results right

Then when you offer something, people have no problem paying for it
because they trust you. You’ve already built relationship.

Step 5. Tell them exactly what to do. Give them clear directions
and tell them how to “get it now.”  Make the process so simple they are
happy to give you their email in exchange for your opt-in.

Do you need a little extra help to figure out your opt-in?
Download my free worksheet here!

Irresistible Offer Worksheet




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