The real story began at home

My creativity, pursuit of excellence, and enthusiastic entrepreneurial spirit began as a young girl, being strongly influenced by two passionate business-minded parents.

One of my first memories was my mom running her creative writing and publishing business from the back room of our house. She made me feel like I had a part in her thriving enterprise by always giving me (what felt like) important tasks. At 10 years old I remember proudly printing my first story!

Building strong relationships early on

My dad left a strong imprint too. He was an early pioneer of international banking, and integrating our family into his business was important to him. Traveling the world for US Bank, he managed the financing of all the imports and exports for Oregon business. It was the norm for him to bring his international clients home for an all-American dinner when they were in town.  I can vividly recall entertaining and engaging his clients in dinner conversation the best I could, despite the language barrier. I’ve never been called shy!

Always striving for the best

While earning my BS in Marketing and Advertising at Arizona State University, I moonlighted at the Arizona Athletic Club, and as a freelance designer crafting ads for small businesses to get more customers.

This is where I learned the simple secret of loyal client attraction: listen to their problems and offer them a solution.

Idea generation and infectious enthusiasm

My enthusiasm for active and healthy lifestyles led me back to the Pacific Northwest to my first jobs out of college at Lloyd Athletic Club, followed by Seattle Athletic Club.

I served in several facets, but especially loved the creative aspects of designing innovative and engaging programs, as well as the challenges of being Marketing Director. Building relationships, telling the story and helping people meet their fitness goals was so rewarding. 

Wildly creative

After a few years I needed a new creative challenge to add to the mix, so I stepped out and started a commercial Christmas decorating business partnering with another creative colleague.

I uncorked my creative spirit and selectively topped out our client base by adding holiday sparkle to many downtown lobbies, banks, restaurants and hotels for almost 18 years.

We heard lots of “ooohs” and “aaahs” but, “You get paid for that?” became the most popular comment we heard from those passing by.

Enamored with branding

I believe there is a secret to winning at business and thriving in life, and I want to share it with you!  It’s found in something you already have – your brand. It’s the core of who you are, your DNA, and it’s what fuels you forward. Helping you to uncover your brand is what I do best. 

The academic in me burns strong. I recently earned a Certificate of Marketing Management from University of Washington, and became certified as a REACH™ Personal Brand Strategist, 360Reach Analyst, Online Identity Strategist, Social Media Specialist, Content Marketing Trained and Hubspot Inbound Marketing Specialist. This gives me the tools I need to help you build your brand, raise more money and live in a new world of success. 


Gusto for life

I strive to live each day with meaning, and hope to leave people better than I found them. 

My time is split between branding my clients, and growing Side-by-Side . . . a non-profit that supports  families that have to temporarily relocate to Seattle with a seriously ill child with cancer. Cooking dinners each Monday night for 125 at the Ronald McDonald House, hosting a family summer camp and winter weekend get-away, and offering weekly family support volunteers to the families to play with their kids are a few of the ways we walk with these families to lighten their load. 

I live on a houseboat in the heart of Seattle, and love waking up each day to the adventure it brings.