What is the magic quality that some people have to click instantly and win over the respect of others?

We’ve all watched it. And wondered. How did she do that?
She walked into a room of strangers, and it felt as if the party sizzle just exploded.

The secret is out.
Anyone can click instantly and establish immediate rapport using these 5 simple tips. 

Tip 1. Break the ice.
Be the brave one that starts the conversation. Walk over to the person, make eye contact, say hi, then smile. So simple, yet so powerful.  Be sure to look at them for a moment before saying hi and breaking into a smile (to make them feel that the smile is a response to them in particular, rather than something that’s always pasted on your face) Tone and body language are more important than what you’re saying. Most people welcome the effort you just made, and will light up and engage instantly.

Tip 2. Listen.
Listen first. Talk second. And when you do talk, make it about them. Ask questions about their interests, opinions and ideas. Everyone likes to talk about themselves. If you want to keep them engaged in your conversation, stay interested in what they have to say.

Tip 3. Repeat and reflect back.
Repeat back what you think you heard. In a sincere way, keeping eye contact. It shows that you’re a good listener. And if you were off a bit, it gives them a chance to step in with more dialogue. This tip alone is worth it’s weight in gold.

Tip 4. Try to discover their passion.
Ask them questions, and when you see their eyes light up and feel their energy surge, ask them more about that. Be genuine in sharing their excitement.

Tip 5. Be current.
By keeping up with the news and current events, you’ll always have topics to bring up. You don’t have to be an expert, but just having a small interesting and compelling piece to contribute can go a long way. Better than to be stranded in awkwardness knowing nothing.

Remember, the goal is to find common ground you can connect with, and build on. Start with Tip 1, and work through the others in order. Before you know it, you will be the one lighting up the room!

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