The winds of change have blown again.

If you find yourself lost and looking for something to do this weekend, I’ve got some soul refreshing ideas.

32 of them, to be exact!

32 things to do this weekend:
  1. Don’t get ready. Don’t get set. Just go!
  2. Call an old friend.
  3. Read in bed until your arm hurts.
  4. Invite friends over for an impromptu come-as-you-are and bring-hater-is-in-your-kitchen party.
  5. Indulge in a photo album of your past adventures.
  6. Count your blessings. Yes, really.
  7. Look at the day as an adventure. Then it will be.
  8. Stare in awe at the stars.
  9. Dream your dangerous dream.
  10. Let a dog walk you.
  11. Tell someone you love how you feel.
  12. Don’t have expectations.
  13. Go to a farmers market with no list. Invent a meal from whatever you find that looks, smells and feels good.
  14. Pick one friend. Make a top-ten list of reasons why you think they are great. Send your friend the list through snail mail.
  15. Do something you were not allowed to do as a child.
  16. High-five a stranger.
  17. Have the courage to let yourself be happy.
  18. Buy yourself a bouquet of flowers.
  19. Embrace change for the sake of it.
  20. Throw yourself into a slightly daunting creative project.
  21. Care less what other people think.
  22. Reclaim your Sunday as a day for rest or fun rather than for housework or errands.
  23. Splash in a puddle.
  24. Pick one thing you would like to accomplish in the next year. Chart a plan to make it happen.
  25. Frame an inspirational print or photograph and put it where you will see it often.
  26. Eat dessert first.
  27. Share someone’s pain today. Find a friend in distress and just be there. No words necessary.
  28. Choose a wild motto for yourself and start living by it.
  29. Tip your waitress 200%.
  30. Be a tourist in your own town. Get a fresh perspective on the place you think you know best.
  31. Read something inspiring before bedtime to create exciting dreams.
  32. Allow yourself to just be.

So this weekend, stop taking yourself (and life) so seriously. Pause . . . and play!

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